The enchanting Christmas atmosphere already surrounds us and alongside the usual gift hunt we are looking for new appetizing ideas for lavish festive lunches. As far as desserts are concerned, soft pandoro and flavourful panettoni with a rich filling are not to be missed on the table. 

True to tradition, here we propose a delicious variation on the theme to make an irresistibly delicious dessert: the panettone and Nutella® cakes. Between soft panettone disks there is a double filling made with Nutella® and a velvety cheese cream. These sweets will make young and old alike rejoice once they are brought to the table!



Panettone ½

Nutella® 60 g

Spreadable fresh cheese 250 g

Liquid fresh cream 100 g

Honey 30 g

Pomegranate ½

Icing sugar q.b.



To make panettone and Nutella® cakes, first cut panettone 1 into 1 cm thick slices. From the slices, cut 12 discs with a 6 cm diameter (2-3) cupcake.

Pour fresh cheese 4, liquid cream 5 and honey 6 into a bowl.

Whip with electric whisks 7 until you get a firm, frothy cream 8, transfer it to a sac-a-poche with a smooth nozzle 9.

Now take each disc of panettone, fill it with Nutella® 10. Squeeze some tufts of cream 11 on top so as to cover the entire surface. Add a few grains of pomegranate 12.

and continue with a second equal layer, i.e. filled with Nutella® 13, the tufts of cream 14 and pomegranate. Continue with a third and last layer, always filled with Nutella® 15,

cream and pomegranate 16. Decorated with icing sugar on the surface 17. Panettone and Nutella® cakes are ready to be served 18.



We highly recommend to consume the panettone and Nutella® cakes immediately.



To make the cream you can replace honey with icing sugar.