Stuffed Panettone


Thinking of Christmas, traditions, sounds and choirs, the gifts exchanged near the tree and the crib come immediately to mind: everything echoes in the air like a memory that we are ready to relive. But this year we are in the mood for change and we thought of dressing up one of the most classic sweets of the great feast, the soft one, not very sweet, with raisins is exactly him: the stuffed panettone! 

The sublimation, in terms of pleasures for the palate, to prepare a Christmas cake that is much more than … delicious! The double cream “Orange and Chocolate” that manages to make the Milanese Christmas cake irresistible and delicious. Here are the ingredients to make the stuffed panettone. An alternative way to eat and present at the table the most popular Italian Christmas cake in the world…Enjoy!



  • Panettone 1 kg


  • Egg yolks (about 6) 108 g
  • Whole milk 525 g
  • Corn Starch 45 g
  • Orange Peel 2
  • Sugar 135 g


  • Whole milk 85 g
  • Liquid fresh cream 85 g
  • Yolks (about 2) 36
  • Cornstarch (cornstarch) 20 g
  • Sugar 45 g
  • Dark chocolate 75 g


  • Dark chocolate 250 g
  • Liquid fresh cream 125 g


STUFFED PANETTONE picture preparation 1

To prepare the stuffed panettone, start by preparing the orange-scented custard, then pour the milk into a small saucepan 1 and let it simmer 2 then turn off the flame and let it cool for a few minutes. In the meantime, add the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl, stirring briefly with a whisk 3,

STUFFED PANETTONE picture preparation 2

then grate the rind of one and a half oranges, the other half you will use for the final decoration, 4 sift the cornstarch and mix the whole 5. Take the milk, which is now warm, and pour it over the egg mixture 6.

picture preparation 3

Dissolve with a whip 7 and finally put it back in the pan 8 transferring the pot on the fire again, stir continuously so that it does not stick to the bottom 9.

picture preparation 4

When it has thickened 10 divide it into two containers by covering with contact film, in this way you will avoid the formation of the film on the surface 11. Now proceed to the preparation of the chocolate custard: finely chop the chocolate custard and keep it aside in a container 12.

picture preparation 5

Then pour milk and cream 13 into a saucepan and, just like in the orange cream, let it touch the boil and then turn off and let it cool for a few minutes. In the meantime, mix together yolks, sugar and sifted cornstarch 14 and when you have obtained a homogeneous mixture, and without lumps, pour the milk now warm 15.

stuffed panettone  picture preparation 6

Place the pan on the fire with the cream diluted with milk and cream and stir continuously with the whisk until the cream 16 thickens. Turn off the heat and add the chopped chocolate 17. Keep stirring with the whisk until the mixture is homogeneous 18.

picture preparation 7

Cover with contact film and let this 19 also cool down. Finally, prepare the chocolate ganache, then heat the cream in a pan until it reaches boiling point 20, in the meantime you can crumble the chocolate and place it in a container. In the same bowl, add the cream as soon as it is hot 21

stuffed panettone  picture preparation 8

Dissolve with a whisk, or a spatula, until you obtain a smooth but dense cream 22 that you will let cool at room temperature without covering with film. Now that you have prepared all the creams you can go on to cut the panettone 23. To make sure that the base supports the filling and the covering, cut the first layer a little thicker than the others, then at 4-5 centimeters thick, while the other slices will be fine 2-3 centimeters. Obtain a total of 4 discs of panettone 24.

picture preparation 9

On the first layer spatula the orange-scented cream 25 spread it well over the entire surface. Place the second disc of panettone 26 and pour the chocolate custard 27.

stuffed panettone  picture preparation 10

Then lay the penultimate disc by pouring the remaining part of orange cream 28 and finally cover the surface with the last part of the panettone 29. Coat this with the chocolate ganache 30

stuffed panettone picture preparation 11

and garnish with thin strips of rind obtained from the advanced half orange: then peel the fruit, helping yourself with a potato peeler 31 avoiding to take out the white part, which is bitter, and then with a knife you get the sticks 32. Decorate your panettone filled with the peel and serve it to your loved ones 33.


The stuffed panettone can be stored in the refrigerator under a glass bell for 1-2 days at most. We do not recommend freezing the creams to prevent them from losing consistency.


How to make your stuffed panettone even more special? Add some chocolate chips on the chocolate custard and orange peel, caramelized ones are fine too, on the layers of chocolate cream.

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