Vergani Panettone

It was 1944 when the young Angelo Vergani opened a small pastry workshop in Viale Monza, Milan. The search for quality and the genuineness of the ingredients used meant that in a few years the Vergani Panettoni were appreciated not only by the Milanese, but also outside the Milanese “borders”. And Vergani transformed himself from a small artisan store to a real food company.

Today, after four generations, Vergani is an established brand, recognized in Italy and abroad for the quality of its products and Vergani – Official Store allows to buy them in a simple and safe way.

A wide choice that ranges from the Classic Panettone to the Pear and Chocolate variant, from the Excellence line to the Etoile line, and meets every need, just like in our Boutique.

Moreover, to make your Christmas gifts unique, our e-commerce offers the possibility to personalize your greeting card, for an original and creative gift!


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